Retention for Unity Games - Achievements | Daily Challenges | Daily Rewards


A successful game is not about the number of downloads or installs, successful games attract the user and retain them in the game for a long period of time. Retention Unity Asset is a magnet to attract the user to your game and lure them to open your game on regular basis. Using Retention Unity asset, you'll be able to tackle not difficult but annoying little problems which make it difficult to focus on gameplay.
UI for main elements will be handled by itself and you'll focus on your core gameplay. Fill the information required in the inspector and use 1-2 lines of code to manage all the data which user wants to save.
This asset is made with marketing research and common method used by big players in the gaming industry. You can contribute to the development of this asset with your knowledge by signing up for beta access.

Main Features of Retention Unity Asset:

  • Achievements
      Achievements is a magnetic factor to retain a user and they tend to open the game again just to complete their pending achievements. Manage and save the offline progress of all the achievements and sync with game services.
  • Character Selection
      Most common method to attract player is a collection, and collection of characters or skins in a game is a most effective way to let players keep playing the game. Managed with in-game currency character selection is given as a function of Retention Unity Asset.
  • Collectibles
      As stated in the previous module, a collection is the most common method to attract a player, so this module is dedicated to collectible which you can provide in a game. In the form of card or crates, you can provide users collectibles so that user complete challenges to get them. And most fun part is you don't have to write the code for this.
  • Currency Manager
      In game currency and in-app purchase is a method to efficiently monetize a game. And using Currency Manager you can create as much hierarchy as you want. Players can buy multiple in-game currencies using other in-game currencies or use in-app purchase, which will be managed by the asset itself. (Note: no support for subscription-based in-app purchase yet)
  • Daily Challenges
      Daily retention is the most powerful way to earn more revenue and to make user open the game daily is a difficult task. Giving them daily challenges helps a bit to make them open the game regularly. You can send daily challenges via API or keep them local. Read the documentation for more information on functionality. This can be a bit tricky but everything is clear in documentation and you'll be able to implement this with least code possible.
  • Daily Reward
      As stated in the previous point, you want your users to open the game daily. So, the daily reward is another factor that can attract the user to open the game again daily.
  • Player Level and XP
      Competition is human nature and showing off their skill in the game can be an addictive factor. Make users compete more and play more by implementing level and XP.

All these modules are included in the asset and not mandatory to implement them all. Opt for those which make sense for your game


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