RateBox – iOS/Android Rating Popup – Unity Asset by FATMACHINES


Ratebox helps you to gather your user’s rating on the app store without a single Line of code.

1. You’ll need to import TextMesh Pro Before importing this package. Download From here
2. RateBox only works on iOS or Android build targets. No other platforms are compatible with this package.

We promise you’ll never require to code for the rating popup. Just drag the prefab in the scene and you are good to go. Setup the conditions according to your requirement in the inspector.

you can still use a custom event like GameOver or show the RateBox according to your plans. You’ll require 1 line of code to register the custom even which is shown in the video.

RateBox asks to rate your game when you want based on the conditions you provide and we match these conditions with the metrics we track like number of sessions, number of events, internet availability etc.

RateBox Features:
– No Coding Required
– Cross-Platform
– Support new iOS In Game Review Feature
– Prompt on the given conditions
– More than 20 condition combinations
– Detect internet availability
– Detects application update and ask again to review
– If the rating is not good, ask the user to email instead of publishing it right away

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